August Pixie News


Memorable Quote:

“A Fairy’s gotta do what a Fairy’s gotta do.”

– Marina

Ask Raven:

Q: Dear Raven, I am thinking of starting my own blog. Which site or sites do you recommend most?

– Wondering Without a Blog.

A: Dear Wondering, I most recommend WordPress, the site I have my own blog on. Most themes are free to use, and you can pick your own site name without having to pay for it every month. The best thing you could probably do is open a WordPress account, and then make multiple sites that you can keep track of easily from the same account.

Pixie Art:

acpThis beautiful piece of artwork was done by Rose Morningmist for the 2015 Fairy Fashion Art Week.

Fairy Arrival Days:

A sampling of some of the arrival days this month, courtesy of the PHF.

August 2nd: Rose Moonspirit

August 5th: Aspenlily

August 13th: Dawn Dazzledust, Ella Peachspring

August 16th: Serendipity Stardance

August 17th: Gloria Rosepetal

Thanks for reading this edition of the Pixie News!


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